“Swearing is unattractive” I’m not attractive anyway so fuck off

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I need to find a cute boy that really likes and cares about me so I can send him pictures of my cute boobs and butt

i’ll see myself out.

songs that represent my past 12 months.

September 13 - The Smiths - “heaven knows i’m miserable now”

<~3 October 13  - Title Fight “Head in the Ceiling Fan”

            - Ben Nichols - “the last pale light in the west”

            - Lucero - “It Gets the Worst at Night”

            - Johnny Cash - Hurt

November 13 - The Gaslight Anthem - “The Navesink Banks”    

             - Say Anything - “Every Man Has a Molly”

             - Bloc Party – “One Month Off”

             - blood for blood - “so common, so cheap”

             - Notorious B.I.G. - “"Back to Cali" remix

December 13 - Chuck Ragan - “California Burritos”

January 14 - Fidlar - “Cheap Beer”

February 14 - Bad Religion - “Fuck You”

March 14 - Ceremony - “Sick”

April 14 - I am oak - “on trees and birds and fire”

May 14 - Amanda Palmer - Creep (Radiohead Cover)

June 14 - black keys - “lonely boy”

July 14 -  Rancid - “Fall Back Down”

August 14 - NoFx - “August 8th” 

" Birds sing there’s not a cloud in the sky, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
I see a bunch of hippies crying, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day,
Like waking up from a real bad dream, suddenly everything is ok.
The storm has passed and the sun is shining, yeah August 8th is a beautiful day.”

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